Transforming Key Stage 3 music in London's schools

Music Excellence London is a dynamic network of classroom music teachers, music education hubs, cultural organisations and others that aims to support excellent musical teaching and learning at Key Stage 3 in London schools. It brings together the Peer to Peer and Teach Through Music LSEF programmes, creating a single London-wide offer that will include an open-access online resource, active social media community, webinars, peer to peer support, face to face meetings and events.

By tackling isolation amongst KS3 music specialist teachers, Music Excellence London will support the development of subject-specific pedagogies and improve subject knowledge. Providing vital infrastructure to improve communication between schools and the wider music sector, the network will pool information about CPD and cultural learning opportunities offered by Associate Partners, including workshops, concerts and artist visits. An annual events programme will address burning issues for KS3 music, as identified by teachers.

"I now feel much more confident when encouraging students to participate in whole class music making as well as working with ensemble groups"

MEL will be:

  • tackling the isolation that music teachers experience in schools
  • helping teachers to improve pupils’ confidence, engagement and outcomes in music
  • working with teachers to help them find their own solutions
  • providing music-specific CPD and networking events

Teachers will have access to:

  • an open-access online resource
  • an active social media community
  • webinars
  • peer to peer support
  • face to face meetings and events

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Funded by:
  • Department for Eduction
Delivery partners:
  • Music Mark
  • Sound Connections logo
  • Trinity Laban

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